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Asset Management

Secure the status quo and geographical position during all phases in the lifecycle of assets and asset related objects and create a single source of truth.

Project Management

Execution and monitoring of every project step via a workflow based project management functionality. Including each third party that is involved in the supply chain.

Financial Management

Register all project related labour and material financial values to automate financial processes and to have accurate financial insights.


Eliminates paperwork and reduces email.

Easy setup and use

BLUE LOGIQ’s modern and intuitive UI requires minimal training to set up the Content and Projects

Relational CMS

Assets and data objects are stored in a unique, relational, highly flexible and fully modifiable RDBMS. This ensures that no data, information or changes will be lost.

BPMN 2.0 process modelling

Projects are build up via integrated digital process modeling features, following BPMN 2.0 standards. It enables Process-driven Project Management.

Any device

A web-based application is accessible and can be used safely at any device (Desktop, Laptop, thin client, Tablet, and Mobile Phone).


Accurate and realtime insights on projects KPI’s and asset whereabouts.

Content domains

Registration of content and relations over all domains, from physical infrastructure elements, to active and passive network component, to delivered services to customers and related contracts.

Built-in Security

Ensure your data and content are safely stored and accessible via structured access rights with the latest security features.

Massive Scalability

Our solutions will perform great regardless of number of users, complexity, or data volume.

Perfect for SMEs and Corporate

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