BLUE LOGIQ starts partnership with PROCES DOKTER

January 20, 2020

Uitgelichte afbeelding voorBLUE LOGIQ starts partnership with PROCES DOKTER

Unambiguous processes are key in executing changes on assets and to get accurate insights on those changes.

We believe that solid process architecture and process management are major drivers behind successful Asset- and Project management. Most modern industries require software to be flexible, but more importantly, they require software changes to have the lowest possible time-to-market. This can be achieved by significantly lowering the threshold for Process Implementation, and removing dependencies on (expensive) Software Developers. That’s why BLUE LOGIQ has invested heavily on implementing a fully integrated, BPMN 2.0 based, modular process architecture in her Enterprise Process Solution Pro-Flow that adopts a No-Code philosophy. Having this extensive feature, full integrated Process Development can now directly be done by Process Architects and do not require any application recoding.

We understand that creating unambiguous processes is a profession which’s importance and effects on business efficiency is often misjudged or overlooked. This is why we do not simply deliver Software, but we also deliver consultancy services to help our clients set up, analyse and modify their processes with help of Lean Six Sigma Blackbelts prior- or during implementations. To ensure we keep a close relation with the best process experts, BLUE LOGIQ has started a partnership with PROCESDOKTER. Bronno van der Schans, owner of PROCESDOKTER, is a certified Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt Consultant who helps organizations to align processes and systems. PROCESDOKTER is specialized in improving processes; clarifying and improving cooperation and eliminating waste as much as possible. By having a close working relationship between BLUE LOGIQ and PROCESDOKTER, we create a continuous cycle of improvement where knowledge of processes and software functionalities continuously improve each other. This allows us to deliver the most optimum and modern solutions to our clients.

Curious what this partnership can bring to your organization? Please contact us!

For more information about PROCESDOKTER visit

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