Build on passion and technology

BLUE LOGIQ is a dynamic mix of motivated people with an passion for IT, Data, Processes and Projects, with a preference for Infrastructure Network Industries.

What drives us

The color BLUE stands for analytics. Our core is Logic. We are Asset Driven.

BLUE stands for analytics

Today's organizations are collecting and relying more and more on data. However, data without meaningful patterns or not applying those patterns towards effective decision making nullifies the potential of data. Our goal is to discover, interpret and communicate those meaningful patterns in data, in order to facilitate the organization in effective decision making.

Our core is Logic

To structure your organization, our logic encodes the real-world organization business rules that determine how data can be created, must be stored and changed. How business objects interact with one another and enforces the routes and methods by which business objects are accessed and updated by people or systems.

We are Asset Driven

In network infrastructure industries, the investments in infrastructure assets are a huge share of the total costs. The basic premise of infrastructure asset management is to intervene at strategic points in an asset’s life cycle to extend the expected service life, and to preserve and enlarge the value of those assets. Those assets represent (for a major part) the organizational value and are the driver to register related data and to execute related projects.

Working at or with BLUE LOGIQ?

BLUE LOGIQ is a young organization with very experienced industry professionals. We are always interested in new talent, fresh ideas and new initiatives. Do you want to work at or with BLUE LOGIQ, please contact us!

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